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The English Academy Tutorial on Practicing Your Writing Skills

When one talks about English proficiency, this does not only concern reading, listening and speaking but writing as well. Basic command of the language greatly includes writing as we cannot always express ourselves through talking all the time as is the case of letters, corporate memos and journal writing for example. There are just cases when putting words on paper is best. So how do you develop such skill? The English Academy has a brief but useful tutorial guide and tricks in order to improve your writing skills. Read on up and learn how…

reading-a-bookREAD TO YOUR HEART’S DESIRE… AND MORE – Reading always has its perks and benefits. Your parents and teachers are right when they told you that doing so can do you so much good. First and foremost it exposes you to different sentence structures. It also adds more terms to your vocabulary. Furthermore it is a fun and good way to exercise your brain. You do not necessarily have to pick up a dictionary or an encyclopedia. Choose one or more from the many available reading materials out there such as newspapers, novels and magazines to name a few. You can even check out blogs!

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Okay we must admit that even the best authors out there commit mistakes but that’s the purpose of proofreading in the first place. The thing that makes journalists, authors and skilled writers out there good is their endless practice. Write during your spare time. It can be short paragraphs, poems or even short stories. If you do not feel like writing a piece like that then you can make a diary or journal. It doesn’t really have to be all secrets and stuff. You can just write about your day or about the movie you recently watched. It will be a good way to practice.

KEEP YOUR SENTENCES CORRECT – Texts, chats, emails and even the one hundred forty character limit on Twitter forces people to shorten their words and use abbreviations. People seldom use the right punctuation marks as well. If you really want to practice your writing skills then do so in cyberspace. There’s nothing wrong about making a correctly structured status on Facebook.

TRY PROOFREADING – Find a random article over the internet or if you want you can dig up your old files (or maybe your younger siblings’). Try proofreading them. As they say learning from your mistakes is a process that almost always sticks to mind. So give this one a try!