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Reminders for Your Life in the UK Test

life-in-the-uk-test-prepThe Life in the UK Test is nothing like your typical exam. The context is broader and its importance much larger. The forty five minute exam composed of twenty four multiple choice questions is part of the application procedures when one wishes to apply for UK citizenship naturalization or an indefinite permission to stay in the country for residence, travel, education, employment, business or any other reasonable purpose.

The very purpose of the exam is to assess the examinee’s knowledge and understanding of the British way of life in areas that include government, history, society, culture, customs, traditions, education and employment to name a few. If you are about to take one in the coming days or are planning to then the following reminders below should help you ace the test.

  • Study and prepare for it. Don’t assume that you could easily wing this out. Preparation is the key to success so see to it that you read up on available study materials.
  • Peruse through the Official Life in the UK Test Handbook. This material has been advised for use by the British government and is said to be where most of the questions in the exam are to be taken. Again study.
  • Be sure that you book early. One is required to schedule a test at least seven days ahead of your preferred date for a price of £50. You are also given the liberty to pick among over sixty testing centers spread across the country. Choose one that suits to your convenience. Also don’t forget to bring the required documents with you.
  • Come on time on the day of the exam. You do not want to be looking like one big mess hurriedly rushing to the exam venue. Plus, you will not be allowed entrance should you miss the allowable time and you cannot rebook or refund the Life in the UK Test should you miss it.
  • Shake your nerves away. One has to admit that there is a certain vibe that examinations bring. It can be pretty daunting and nerve wracking. To some it could be easily brushed off while others need more effort on that. So do some breathing exercises, shake your hands and feet, drink a glass of water, think positive and smile. Believe that you can. Besides, if you prepared, there’s no need to worry.

Good luck on your Life in the UK Test!

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