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Succeeding in Oral and Listening Exams: Tips from the English Academy

When it comes to oral and listening exams, the game differs. Unlike written ones that ask you for essays or let you choose between options A to E, these require a whole new level of wit and critical thinking. Add to that excellent communication skills and grammar proficiency. So when you are about to take one, better pack up on the following tips from the English Academy.

listen to audioWiden your vocabulary. – You cannot speak well if your vocabulary is very limited. To fix this you have to consciously make an effort to do simple daily practices. Pick up any reading material or even a dictionary spot on. A few new words a day will go a long way!

Read more than to your heart’s desire. – If you adore books then good but if you don’t then you should start learning to love reading. Novels are a good way to expose you to sentence structures and common expressions. Even simply doing so with newspapers and magazines will benefit you.

Get to writing. – Knowledge if not applied will be put to waste. After reviewing your grammar lessons it would be nice to start practicing with a pen and paper or even with your computer and keyboard.

Try listening to recordings. – To learn diction and pronunciation try listening to recordings, songs or even audio books. It’s like observing but only with your ears.

Practice transcribing. – To hone your listening skill, try transcribing a speech or even a song that you haven’t heard of yet. This should help train your listening aptitude and perk up your skills.

Keep talking and conversing. – Talk and converse in English as much as you can. Finding a partner to do this with or even asking family and friends to support you in this endeavor will help a lot. After all, practice makes perfect.

Clear your head. – During the exam itself or minutes before it, see to it that you clear your head off of any negative feelings and doubt. Take away anything that could bother you and keep you out of focus. Stay relaxed because nerves are an ugly beast. They can cripple your verbal and listening skills. So remember to breathe and smile.

Oral and listening exams are nothing to be afraid of says the English Academy. If you prepared for it right then there is nothing to be scared of or to hinder your path to success. Good luck!

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